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Dr. Abraham Cárdenas Tristan
Profesor Investigador de Tiempo Completo, SNI Nivel C

Centro de Investigación y Estudios de Posgrado
Facultad de Ingeniería
Dr. Manuel Nava #8, Zona Universitaria, C.P. 78290
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México.
Teléfono y Fax: (52) 48 173381 | Webpage | Currículum


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Ph.D. in Applied Geomatics in Natural Resources Management

Autonomous University of Nuevo León


M.Sc.  in Geomatics Sciences

Université Laval, Québec, Canada


Surveyor & Hydrology Engineer

Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México



Research professor at the Faculty of Engineering, UASLP (Geomatics/Geinformtics Engineering Program). 



ü  Person in charge of Postgraduate design (Master and Doctorate degrees in Geomatics Sciences).

ü  Founder of the Geomatics Engineering Program,  2007        

ü  Coordinator of the Geomatics Engineering and Surveyor & Hydrology Engineering Programs, 2008-2010

ü  President of the Geomatics Engineering Academy, UASLP (2011-2014)

ü  President of the Spatial Data Production Academy (2014-2016)

ü  Academic Group Leader in Geomatics Engineering


ü  Topography Expert - Geomatics and Natural Resources Management in judicial matters, supported by the Council of the Federal Judiciary.  Federal expert with registration P.028-2013. Professional certificate: 3173936. 2013– 2016



ü  Investigation award UANL 2014 to the best Research Project in sciences earth and agriculture.  “Evaluation of the vectorial cartographic quality used for the managing of the natural resources”

ü  Recognition to the Academic tenacity and high professional commitment, granted for CONACYT, April, 2013.

ü  Award like Highly Qualified Personnel in Geomatics, summer 2011, by GEOIDE Network, CANADA.



Applied Geomatics

·          Exploration, adequacy and use of spatial technologies

·          Application to the development of infrastructure works

·          Application to hydrology and hydraulics studies

·          Application to the preservation and control of the environment

·          Application to the exploitation of natural resources

·          Application to the regional planning

·          Application to the urban planning

·          Application to the public health control

·          Application to the real-estate valuation of the territory

·          Application to the precision agriculture

·          Application to the meteor climatic studies


Geodesy and Satellite positioning systems

·          Geoide Studies

·          Geodesic Networks

·          Monitoring of soils movement

·          Development of algorithms for precision analysis of satellite coordinates

·          Development of algorithms for densification of geodesic networks


Spatially Referenced Information Systems (SIRS)

  SIRS development

  Spatial Databases

·          Programming of Spatial Information on the Web

·          GIS Applications

·          Spatial Analysis

·          Spatial Data Mining

       Analysis of Geometric Information Structures



ü  Spatial modeling of the water integral distribution for a better exploitation - Case study in San Luis Potosi State.

ü  Geomatics applied to the subsidence analysis in San Luis Potosi ´valley

ü  Land management strategies for planning the roads development in the state of San Luis Potosi, its environmental, urban and rural impacts.


ü  Analysis of the hydro-meteorological regime and effect of climate change in Lake Chapala, Jalisco.

ü  Modeling flood prone areas caused by the Altamira River, in its passage by the municipality of Villa de Reyes, San Luis Potosí; México