Adsorción de Cromo (VI) en Solución Acuosa sobre Fibra de Carbón Activado

R. Leyva-Ramos, J.V. Flores-Cano, P.E. Diaz-Flores y M.S. Berber-Mendoza
Información Tecnológica, 19(5), 27-36., 2008.


The adsorption of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution on an activated carbon fiber of felt type, was studied. The adsorption equilibrium data of Cr(VI) on the fiber were obtained in a batch adsorber and the concentration of Cr(VI) was determined by a colorimetric method. The Freundlich isotherm fitted reasonably well the experimental data. The Cr(VI) adsorption capacity of the fiber decreased considerably while increasing the solution pH from 4 to 10 but slightly increased as the temperature increased from 15 to 35°C. The effect of the pH was due to the electrostatic interactions between the surface of the fiber and the Cr(VI) anions in solution. The adsorption capacity of the fiber was compared to those of granular activated carbons made from hazelnut shell and from coconut shell. The adsorption capacity of the fiber was twice that of the hazelnut carbon and half of that of the coconut carbono.