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Gabriela Rangel Ramírez

   »  Generación: Febrero2018
   »  Grado: Doctorado en Ciencias de la Comunicaci├│n
   »  Asesor: Juan Carlos Cuevas Tello
   »  Línea de Investigación: Ninguna | Webpage | Currículum

Computational models for visual inspection in the automotive industry


Currently the automotive manufacturing industry in the state of San Luis Potosi? is a subject of great relevance, due to the large amount of foreign investment it has gen- erated. The automotive industry is made up of two sectors: auto parts and terminal. Example of auto parts companies are: Bosch, Draexlmaier, Valeo, Cummins, Continental, etc. Exist two terminal companies in the state that are GM and BMW. Recently, the company BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi? and the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi? signed the collaboration agreement where the bases and operative mechanisms of both parties are established in terms of research and development of projects for the benefit of the community. The scope of this work is to study the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the automotive industry, in particular to know the research projects being carried out by BMW in its plants and understand which are the challenges or problems that they have identified, to propose a computational model that can solve the visual inspection problem.