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Martha Adriana Soriano Méndez

   »  Generación: Septiembre2017
   »  Grado: Maestría en Computación
   »  Asesor: Juan Carlos Cuevas Tello
   »  Línea de Investigación: Sistemas Inteligentes
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Visual recognition with machine learning methods using cloud services


The information age has made possible to access more information, being able to share it with the speed of light. This has transformed the way in which we consume and the way in which we relate, creating large networks of data exchange that renew our idea of the individual and the collective. Industry 4.0 is destined to revolutionize the manufacturing and production industry thanks to the Internet of things, cloud computing, data integration and technological advances in production and manufacturing systems. This new intelligent industry looks for factories 4.0 that thanks to computers and automation equipped with learning algorithms can learn and control all the robotics of a company and manufactures with little interaction of human operators, creating what is known as “Smart Factory”. The automotive industry is one of the most innovative sectors in the world. It has always been an important engine for the economy. The making reliable, cost-effective and quality vehicles and their components (such as engines or transmissions), is only guaranteed with production facilities automated. Increase the reliability and availability in production plants is one of the main objectives for this industry. Considering the Artificial Intelligence an excellent option to achieve all these goals, we proposed the use of IBM Watson Analytics services to compare the accuracy of this service with Google, Microsoft and Amazon services. We want to test on different data sets for the visual recognition problem with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).