Inferring mixed-culture growth from total biomass data in a wavelet approach

Ibarra-Junquera V., Escalante-Minakata P., Murguía J. S., Rosu H. C.,
Physica A Elsevier, Vol. 370, pp 777-792., 2006.


It is shown that the presence of mixed-culture growth in batch fermentation processes can be very accurately inferred from total biomass data by means of the wavelet analysis for singularity detection. This is accomplished by considering simple phenomenological models for the mixed growth and the more complicated case of mixed growth on a mixture of substrates. The main quantity provided by the wavelet analysis is the Ho¨ lder exponent of the singularity that we determine for our illustrative examples. The numerical results point to the possibility that Ho¨ lder exponents can be used to characterize the nature of the mixed-culture growth in batch fermentation processes with potential industrial applications. Moreover, the analysis of the same data affected by the common additive Gaussian noise still lead to the wavelet detection of the singularities although the Holder exponent is no longer a useful parameter.