Reflectance difference Spectroscopy of methanol oxidation on Cu(110)

L.D. Sun, E. Demirci, R.E. Balderas-Navarro, A. Winkler, M. Hohage, P. Zeppenfeld
Surface Science, Vol. 604 pp. 824-828, 2010.


We have studied the adsorption and reaction of methanol on the bare and oxygen precovered Cu(110) surface at 200K using reflectance difference spectroscopy (RDS). On the bare and fully oxygen covered surface, the sticking coe±cient is close to zero. In contrast, on the partially oxygen covered surface, a sticking coe±cient close to unity is obtained. This observation suggests a high mobility of methanol on both bare and oxygen covered Cu(110) and of methoxy on Cu(110). Two reaction regimes, an oxygen supply limited and an adsorption site limited regime are iden- ti¯ed. The transition between these two regimes occurs for an oxygen coverage of about 0.2.