Polarization contrast linear spectroscopies for cubic semiconductors under stress: macroandmicro-reflectance difference spectroscopies”, Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 1 - 2, 121 - 128.

L. F. Lastras-Mart´ınez1,R.E. Balderas-Navarro, R. Castro-Garcia, R. Herrera-Jasso, M. Chavira-Rodrıguez, and A. Lastras-Martınez
Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 1 - 2, 121 - 128., 2011.


The technique to measure optical anisotropies (OA) in cubic semiconductors is termed either reflectance difference spectroscopy (RDS) or reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy (RAS). In this paper we report on the application of RDS/RAS to a number of cubic semiconductors. We discuss RD spectra of GaAs, Si, CdTe, GaP, InP and GaSb (001) surfaces, induced by an uniaxial stress applied along [110] crystal directions. We show that all RD spectra can be explained in terms of a phenomenological model based on a perturbative Hamiltonian. We further report on measurements of spatial-resolved RDS measurements of GaAs employing a newly developed micro-RD spectrometer with a spatial resolution of 5 μm.