Micro reflectance difference techniques: Optical probes for surface exploration

L. F. Lastras-Martínez, O. del Pozo-Zamudio, R. Herrera-Jasso, N.A. Ulloa-Castillo, R.E. Balderas-Navarro, J. Ortega-Gallegos, A. Lastras-Martínez.
Physica Status Solidi (b) Volume 249, Issue 6, pages 1119-1123, June 2012. doi: 10.1002/pssb.201100738, 2012.


Micro reflectance difference spectroscopy (µ-RDS) is a promising tool for the in-situ and ex-situ characterization of semiconductors surfaces and interfaces. We discuss and compare two different approaches used to measure µ-RD spectra. One is based on a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera, while the other uses a laser and a XY translation stage. To show the performance of these systems, we have measured surface optical anisotropies of GaSb(001) sample on which anisotropic strains have been generated by preferential mechanical polishing along [110] and equation image directions. The spectrometers are complementary and the selection of one of them depends on the sample to be investigated and on experimental conditions.