A rapid reflectance-difference spectrometer for real-time semiconductor growth monitoring with sub-second time resolution.

Núñez-Olvera O, Balderas-Navarro RE, Ortega-Gallegos J, Guevara-Macías LE, Armenta-Franco A, Lastras-Montaño MA, Lastras-Martínez LF, Lastras-Martínez A.
The Review of scientific instruments. 10/2012; 83(10):103109. , 2012.


We report on a rapid, 32-channel reflectance-difference (RD) spectrometer with sub-second spectra acquisition times and ΔR∕R sensitivity in the upper 10(-4) range. The spectrometer is based on a 50 kHz photo-elastic modulator for light polarization modulation and on a lock-in amplifier for signal harmonic analysis. Multichannel operation is allowed by multiplexing the 32 outputs of the spectrometer into the input of the lock-in amplifier. The spectrometer spans a wavelength range of 230 nm that can be tuned to cover E(1) and E(1) + Δ(1) transitions for a number of III-V semiconductors at epitaxial growth temperatures, including GaAs, InAs, AlAs, and their alloys. We present two examples of real-time measurements to demonstrate the performance of the RD spectrometer, namely, the evolution of the RD spectrum of GaAs (001) annealed at 500 °C and the time-dependent RD spectrum during the first stages of the epitaxial growth of In(0.3)Ga(0.7)As on GaAs (001) substrates.