A Robust Nonlinear Control Scheme for a Sag Compensator Active Multilevel Rectifier without Sag Detection Algoritm

Lira Jesús, Visairo Nancy, Núñez Ciro, Ramírez Adrian and Sira-Ramírez Hebertt
Transactions on Power Electronics, ISSN 0885-8993, Number 8, Vol. 27, pp. 3576-3583, Aug. 2012, 2012.


In this paper a robust non-linear control scheme for a Single-Phase Active Multilevel Rectifier (SPAMR) with voltage sag ride through capability is proposed. This non-linear scheme considers the input-output linearization via feedback to achieve an exact linearization of the system and then Generalized PI controllers are designed. The Generalized PI controller provides to the SPAMR robustness with respect to voltage sags and unknown loads. The main contribution of this proposal is that the use of sag detection algorithms is not required. Additionally, this control scheme leads to improve the dynamical response of the SPAMR. To show the kindness of this focus, simulation and experimental results considering a 1kVA SPAMR prototype are presented and discussed. It was demonstrated experimentally that the SPAMR maintains both, good dynamical and steady state behavior, this means that the benefit of compensate without the use of sag detection algorithms is achieved without detriment of the basic performance expected of the SPAMR.