Analysis of the Boundaries to Compensate Voltage Sags Events Using a Single Phase Multi-Level Rectifier

Núñez C., Lira J., Echavarría R. and Visairo N.
European Power Electronics and Drives (EPE), ISSN 0939-8368, Number 4,Vol. 20, pp. 5-11, Dec. 2010, 2010.


In this paper, it is established analytically the operation boundaries of the Single Phase Multi‐Level Rectifier with voltage sag ride trough capability (SPMLR with extended function). The analysis is based on its mathematical model and the switches power losses equations. These limits have been defined in terms of duty cycle, maximum current and power losses of the switches when voltage sag occurs. This information is very useful for converter design and for control purposes since safe operation and boundaries to compensate voltage sag are analytically known. To validate this analysis, simulation and experimental results are shown in a 1KVA prototype.