Five-Level, Single-Phase Active Rectifier with Extended Functions

Lira Jesús, Núñez Ciro, Flota Manuel, Álvarez Ricardo, Pérez Pinal Francisco
International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE) de Nápoles, Italia. ISSN 1827-6660, Number 2, Vol. 2, pp. 180-187, March-April 2007, 2007.


Abstract - A five-level, single-phase active rectifier, which is commonly used to improve the power factor, is analyzed in order to extend its functions for voltage sag ride-through and simultaneously works as active filter. It makes use of two bidirectional switches between the rectifier AC and DC sides. The stages used to achieve the extended functions are: an output power estimator, which uses the AC mains voltage peak value calculated by using the single-phase DQ transformation to perform the voltage sag ride-through; a DC-link voltage regulator, and a harmonic current estimator. A hysteresis current controller is applied to track the reference current. Theoretical and predicted results of its analysis are verified initially through digital simulation, and confirmed by using a 1 kVA experimental prototype.