Chua's circuit and its characterization as a filter

Campos-Cantón, I; Segura-Cisneros, O A; Balderas-Navarro, R E; Campos-Cantón, E.
European Journal of Physics, Volume 35, Number 6, November 2014, pp. 65018-65027(10. DOI:, 2014.


This article deals with Chuaʼs circuit characterization from the point of view of a filter based on the concept of piecewise linear functions. Furthermore, experiments are developed for teaching electronic systems that can be used for novel filtering concepts. The frequency range in which they are tested is from 20 Hz 20 kHz, due to the audio spectrum comprised in this frequency range. The node associated with the capacitor and Chuaʼs diode is used as input, and the node for another capacitor and the coil is used as output, thereby establishing one input–output relationship for each system case given by the piecewise linear functions. The experimental result shows that Chuaʼs circuit behaves as a bandpass filter-amplifier, with a maximum frequency around 3 kHz and bandwidth between 1.5 kHz and 5.5 kHz. The results presented in this paper can motivate engineering students to pursue applications of novel electrical circuits based on topics that are of potential interest in their future research studies.