On a growth model for complex networks capable of producing power-law out-degree distributions with wide range exponents

J. Esquivel-Gómez, P.D. Arjona-Villicaña, E. Stevens-Navarro, U. Pineda-Rico, R.E. Balderas-Navarro1 and J. Acosta-Elias.
Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 9067; doi:10.1038/srep09067, 2015.


The out-degree distribution is one of the most reported topological properties to characterize real complex networks. This property describes the probability that a node in the network has a particular number of outgoing links. It has been found that in many real complex networks the out-degree has a behavior similar to a power-law distribution, therefore some network growth models have been proposed to approximate this behavior. This paper introduces a new growth model that allows to produce out-degree distributions that decay as a power-law with an exponent in the range from 1 to infinity.