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Dr. Lorenzo Borselli
Profesor Investigador de Tiempo Completo, SNI Nivel 2, perfil PROMEP

Centro de Investigación y Estudios de Posgrado Facultad de Ingeniería Dr. Manuel Nava #8, Zona Universitaria, C.P. 78290
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., México. Teléfono y Fax: (52) 48 173381

Institute of Geology / Faculty of Engineering
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosì (UASLP) ,
Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 5, 78240 San Luis Potosí,
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  Currículum Resumido

Dr. Lorenzo Borselli Ph.D.
Earth and Soil Scientist. Specialist in soil and rocks mechanics and hydrology.
Degree in geology 1989 at the university of Florence Italy. In the 1998 received  Ph.D  In Soil science at the university of Florence, ITALY.
Since 1997 until 2011 worked as Researcher at National Research Council (CNR). Since 2003 worked as Researcher at the Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI). In the period 2009-2011, He has been head of  research unit of CNR-IRPI, in Florence,Italy.
Referee of several International scientific journals:  Hydrological Processes, Catena, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Geomorphology, Journal of Environmental Management, Soil Use and Management, European Journal of Soil Science, Earth Science review
Member of Editorial Board, as Associate Editor, of Journal of Soil  and Water Conservation. (since 2010)
Member of Editorial Board,  as Associate Editor, of Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas. (since 2013)
Has been Italian delegate COST ACTION 623  “Soil Erosion and Global change\" and of  COST 634 “ On and Off-site Environmental Impact of  Runoff and Erosion”.funded bya EU.
He collaborated in several international research projects (funded by EU) related to Soil erosion process and modeling , soil conservation, desertification process and measures for mitigation (MWISED, TERON, RECONDES. DESIRE, LAMPRE etc.). Since 2002 collaborated with Mexican universities (UNAM,UASLP) to projects in assessment of hydrological components for volcanic hazard.  Author or Co-author of  60 papers on international scientific journals, and book chapters. His current research interests are: software develeopement and modeling for stability of slopes, soil and rock mechanics,  shallow landslide modeling ,surface  hydrology,  statistical and mathematical advanced techniques applied to soil erosion and surface hydrology, modeling soil erosion by water, soil erosion by tillage and land leveling,  . Author of various software distributed freeware at scientific community: “Slope Stability Analysis Program (SSAP)” (, and DECOLOG (, KUERY (
He is working, since july 2011,  as Full-Time Tenured Professor of Geotechnics and Applied Geology at : Instituto de Geologia / Facultad  de Ingenieria Universitad Autonoma de San Luis Potosì (UASLP) , San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. - MEXICO

Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum

  • (1989) Degree in Geology,  University of Florence.   Dissertation  in experimental geomorphology: \"Experimental study on rill erosion evolution\".
  • (1989) Received the  Qualification for professional practice in Engineering Geology, Florence September 1989, University of Florence.
  • (1990) \"CONNAUGHT” fellowship, Dept. of Geography, University of Toronto, Canada.
  • (1991-1992) - Research Fellowship at the National Research Council - Centro per lo Studio della Genesi, Classificazione e Cartografia del Suolo (CNR- CSGCCS), in Florence Italy - experimental activity in the field of soil conservation and soil hydrology modelling, rainfall simulations.
  • (1992-1994) - Research Fellowship at the Agronomic Institute for Overseas (IAO), Florence Italy - soil Physics and hydrological process modeling, rainfall simulations. In the same period participated, as expert in rainfall simulations and surface hydrology, at two of the experimental field work activities of the international research project  STD2-285-I \"IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY OF CRUSTING SOILS AND DEPLETED SANDY  SOIL IN ZIMBABWE\", founded by UE, Coordinator  Prof. Giovanni A. Ferrari of the Univ. of Florence.
  • (1994-1997) - PhD Student at the Dept. of Soil Science, University of Florence, directed by Prof. Guido Sanesi, and dr. Dino Torri of the Institute for Soil Genesis and Ecology(CNR-IGES) in Florence. Theme: Surface hydrology and modelling of soil  roughness evolution and influences in water infiltration and runoff production, rainfall simulation.
  • (May 1996 to July 96), worked at the “Laboratory for experimental Geomorphology“ Catholic University of Leuven (belgium), directed by Prof. Jean Poesen, using rainfall simulators for  surface Hydrology modelling and studies of soil  roughness evolution and influences in water infiltration and runoff production, rainfall simulations.
  • (1998) - received a PhD in soil Science from the University of Florence with the dissertation\" Dinamica della rugosità superficiale del suolo e sua influenza nei processi di infiltrazione: analisi sperimentale e modellizzazione \" (Soil surface roughness dynamics an its influence on the infiltration processes: experimental analysis and modeling)(in italian)
  • (1998-2001),   contract researcher at the Institute for Soil Genesis and Ecology of the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (CNR-IGES), in Florence, directed by the Professor Gabriele Ristori.
  • (august 2001-september 2003),   Permanent position as  Researcher at NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (CNR) in the Institute for Soil Genesis and Ecology (CNR-IGES) of Florence.
  • (since september 2003),     Researcher at the CNR-IRPI - Research Institute for Geo-Hydrogeological Protection of the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (CNR), in Florence.
  • (october 2009-june 2011). Head of Florence Branch of CNR-IRPI - Research Institute for Geo-Hydrogeological Protectionof the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (CNR). (http://WWW.IRPI.CNR.IT)
  • (since July 2011) . Full Professor of Geotechnics and Applied Geology at: Instituto de Geologia / Fac. De Ingegneria Universitad Autonoma de San Luis Potosì (UASLP) , Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 5, C.P. 78240 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. - MEXICO
  • (since 29 nov. 2012Membership to National Resarch System (Mexico) (Sistema Nacional de Investigacion  with  level  2  (SNI II)
  • (since July 2014) . Full-time Tenured  Professor of Geotechnics and Applied Geology at: Instituto de Geologia / Fac. De Ingeg