Evaluation, Using EIS, of Anticorrosive Paints Pigmented with Zinc Phospathe

Surface Coatings International, vol. 81, no. 1, p. 19 (1998), 1998.


The performance of two series of anticorrosive primers, formulated with with two types of vinil resin and pigmented with different contents of micronised zinc phosphate, was assesed by EIS combined with adhesion, salt spray and humidity chamber tests. Results indicate that primer formulated with acidic resin showed a better performance than that formulated with partially hydrolysed vinyl cloride-vinyl acetate copolymer. Furthermore, paints containing 25 w/o of zinc phosphate and a 0.8-0.9 of reduced pigment volume concentration showed the best anticorrosive performance in the EIS, salt spray and adhesion tests.