State of corrosion of rebars embedded in mortar specimens after an electrochemical chloride removal

Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta, 28(3), 153-164 (2010) ISSN 1647-1571 , 2010.


This work attempts to determine the best conditions for applying the Electrochemical Chloride Removal (ECR) in rebars embedded in cement mortar with chloride additions by monitoring the corrosion rates before, during and after the application of an ECR. The ECR was applied at different conditions of current density (1 and 2 A/m2 of steel surface), application times (15, 30 and 60 days) and degree of precorrosion of the rebars. According to the results obtained, if ECR is applied preventively, it is an efficient procedure for delaying the start of corrosion. However, if applied too late, it does not assure the repassivation of corroded reinforced concrete structures and is therefore useless. The efficiency of the ECR depends heavily on the application time and the degree of precorrosion of the rebars.