Inexpensive Vision-Based System for the Direct Measurement of Ankle Stiffness during Quiet Standing

Chavez-Romero Raul, Cardenas Antonio , Rendon-Mancha Juan Manuel , Vernaza Karinna M. , Piovesan Davide
(ISSN: 1932-6181), ASME. Journal Medical Devices. 2015; Vol 9 No 4:041011-041011-8. DOI:10.1115/1.4031060 , 2015.


We created a SENSOR-FUSION suite for the acquisition of biometric information that can be used for the estimation of human control strategy in a variety of everyday tasks. This work focuses on the experimental validation of the integrated motion capture subsystem based on raster images. Understanding human control strategies utilized in everyday activity requires measurement of several variables that can be grouped as kinematic, dynamic, and biological-feedback variables. Hence, there is a strong need for the acquisition, analysis, and synchronization of the information measured by a variety of transducers. Our system was able to capture the complex dynamics of a flexible robot by means of two inexpensive web cameras without compromising accuracy. After validating the vision system by means of the robotic device, a direct measure of the center of gravity (COG) position during the recovery from a fall was performed on two groups of human subjects separated by age. The instrumental setup was used to estimate how ankle operational stiffness changes as function of age. The results indicate a statistical increase of stiffness for the older group. [DOI: 10.1115/1.4031060]