Hybrid Algorithm for Simulating the Collimated Transmittance of Homogeneous Stratified Turbid Media

Morales-Cruzado Beatriz, Delgado-Atencio J. Alberto, Vázquez-Montiel Sergio and Sarmiento-Gómez Erick
Biomedical Optics Express, Vol. 6 (5), pp. 1727-1737., 2015.


In this work we describe the development of a program that simulates the propagation of photons through refractive and reflecting optical components such as lenses, mirrors and stops that includes a biological tissue sample as the main issue to be investigated in order to get a simulated value of light distribution, in particular, of the unscattered light. The analysis of the photons that travel through the sample is based on the program Monte Carlo Multi-Layered with some modifications that consider a Gaussian beam as initial source of light. Position, directional cosines and weight of photons exiting the turbid media are used to propagate them through an optical system. As a mean of validation of the program, we selected a typical optical system for measurement of collimated transmittance. Therefore, several tests were carried out to find the optical system that gives the theoretical collimated transmittance at different values of the optical properties of the turbid media. Along this validation, the optimal experimental configuration is found. Using this results, a comparison between the simulated optimal configuration and the experimental set-up was done, by using a colloidal suspension as a turbid media.