Switching regulator using a DC-DC step-down non-cascading -converter

Rodrigo Loera-Palomo; Jorge Alberto Morales-Saldaña; Rafael Peña-Gallardo; Carmen Patricia Delgado-Antillón
IET Power Electron., 2016, Indizada JCR, doi: 10.1049/iet-pel.2015.0997 , 2016.


In this study a DC-DC switching regulator with step-down capacity is presented. It uses a converter based on non-cascading structures. A model of the converter, as well as a controller design procedure to achieve the regulation task, is presented. For the controller design, a control scheme that consists of two control loops is applied. The inner loop is built using the inductor current as feedback. The outer loop is implemented using a proportional-integral controller. The tuning procedure of the controller parameters was developed from the state-space non-linear averaged model of the converter, where the necessary conditions for the existence of an unique operating point and stability in closed-loop are obtained. To prove the effectiveness of the switching regulator, numerical simulations and experimental results are presented