Limiting Current Studies in an Electrodialysis Cell: Influence of Mean Linear Velocity and KCl Concentration in the Diluate Channel

L. G. Alvarado Montalvo, C. Ojeda Escamilla, J. A. Delgadillo Gómez, I. Rodríguez-Torres
ECS Transactions, 20 (1) 83-90 (2009), 2009.


This work aims to obtain the limiting current for an electrodialysis cell in function of linear velocity and salt concentration. The current was read at each velocity for different KCl concentrations. The limiting currents were obtained from dilute resistance-reciprocal of current curves. Fitting the limiting current density (ilim) values vs. linear velocity (u) for each KCl concentration,allowed to determine the coefficients m and n of the empirical correlation ilim= munC. m varied from 24994 to 12208 A s^n m^(1-n)keq^-1 and n between 0.41 -0.39. n showed a little dependence on hydrodynamic conditions and a strong reliance on salt concentration, whereas m is affected only by the salt concentration.