Computational Fluid Dynamics of an Electrolytic Cell FM01-LC

R. Enciso-Pérez, G. Velasco-Martínez, J.A. Delgadillo, I. Rodríguez-Torres
ECS Transactions, 20 (1) 103-111 (2009), 2009.


Due to the complexity of an Electrochemical Reactor, the knowledge of the kinetics, thermodynamics, process engineering and fluid hydrodynamics is needed to achieve an optimum operation. The availability of electrolytic reactor FM01-LC has been studied lately with great interest. The fluid mechanics of the electrolyte in this type of reactors is essential to be studied because its effect modifies the mass transport to the electrodes. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a novel tool to compute and understand the fluid mechanics in great detail, the software FLUENT TM 6.3.26 was used to solve the governing equations. The velocity profiles and flow paths were predicted using the k-ε model for turbulence closure and compared with experimental results. k-ε model has shown to be an adequate model to describe the flow in parallel plate reactors FM01-LC type.