Cr(VI) removal by continuous electrodeionization: study of its basic technologies

L. Alvarado, A. Ramírez, I. Rodríguez-Torres
Desalination, 249 (2009) 423-428, 2009.


The capabilities of continuous electrodeionization process (CEDI) and its basic technologies (electrodialysis (ED) and ion exchange (IX)) were analyzed in order to remove hexavalent chromium from synthetic solutions at pH 5. A cell with two chambers (dilute and concentrate) was used. Two cation exchange membranes (CM-1) and one anion exchange membrane (AFN) (40 cm2 effective area) were employed in the experimental setup. IX technology was single evaluated using an IRA-67 anionic resin to know its independent performance from the other technologies, whereas ED was studied in the cell; Ilim determination was done by I vs. U plots and factors of 0.7 Ilim and 0.85 Ilim were applied to ED process. Finally, EDI process was studied at the same conditions that ED in order to know the resin bed role. During IX the removal reached was 50%; ED 98% after 6.25 h operation with an energy consumption of 1.21 kWh/m^3; EDI (anionic bed) accomplishing 97.55% chromium removal (energy consumption of 0.91 kWh/m3). Finally EDI with mixed bed removed 99.8% in 1.3 h and of 0.167 kWh/m^3 of energy consumption.