Methodology for the characterization of a parallel-plates electrochemical reactor

G. Velasco-Martínez, S. Gutiérrez-Granados, A. Alatorre-Ordaz, I Rodríguez-Torres
ECS Transactions, 3 (18) 1-12 (2007), 2007.


This work presents a methodology for characterizing parallel-plates electrochemical reactors, which allows obtaining precise knowledge about the operation of the unit. Flow distribution is analyzed by injecting a dye at the inlet of the reactor and is followed by a digital video-camera. This has produced knowledge about several parameters such as solution mixing in the diffuser,inter-electrode separation (gap) and linear flow velocity in the reaction chamber of the reactor. Residence time distribution was studied by injecting an electrochemical tracer (Fe(CN)6 3-) at the inlet and its detection at the reactor outlet. It was found that at certain linear velocities there are stagnant volumes. Mass transport analysis and polarization curves were obtained with redox systems of fast charge transfer (Fe(CN)6 3- / Fe(CN)64-). Current distribution was obtained using a segmented electrode and the same redoxsystem. An improved transport was observed when the linear velocity is ncreased.