A Rotating Disc Electrochemical Dual Autoclave for the Study of Electrochemistry and Leaching at High Temperature and Pressure

Isabel Lázaro,Matthew Jeffrey
ECS Transactions, 2(3) 243-252, 2006.


A study of the pressure acid leaching of chalcopyrite was performed using a unique rotating disc electrochemical dual autoclave. The autoclave permits electrochemical and leaching experiments to be conducted up to 200 °C using a chalcopyrite rotating disc electrode. The paper describes in detail the design of the dual autoclave, which consists of a separate pre-heater and reactor. This eliminates heat-up effects, and allows either leaching or electrochemical investigations to be commenced at the correct temperature. The mixed potential measurements and voltammograms of chalcopyrite at 150 °C indicate that pressure acid leaching in a solution containing 0.1 M iron(III) will occur quite rapidly. In comparison, when using 120 psi partial pressure of oxygen, the mixed potential is in the so-called “prewave” region, and hence slow leaching would be expected.