A Comparative Study of the Turbulence-Closure Model for a FM01-LC Electrochemical Reactor

J.A Delgadillo, R. Enciso, C. Ojeda, I. Rodríguez
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci., 7 (2012) 2065-2076, 2012.


In this work, a description of the dynamics in a FM01-LC electrochemical reactor was performed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in an attempt to characterize this reactor. A threedimensional solution is presented using laminar and k-epsilon models. The commercial software FLUENT 6.3.26 was used to solve the governing equations and predict the fluid velocity profile. The computed profiles are compared with experimental velocity profiles measured using digital image analysis (DIA) with different flow rates. The results were not satisfactory with the k-epsilon model; however, the laminar modeling approach was found to describe the velocity profiles accurately.