An overview of reclaimed wastewater reuse in gold heap leaching.

Palomo-Briones, R., Ovando-Franco M., Razo-Flores E., Celis L.B, , Rangel-Méndez J.R., Esmeralda Vences-Álvarez E., Cruz, R., Lázaro I., Briones-Gallardo R.
Mineral processing and extractive metallurgy review. Aceptado 18.02.2016 ISSN: 0882-7508, 2016.


The intensive use of groundwater by gold mining industry is an important sustainability concern, especially in arid and semiarid regions where ground water is a scarce resource. Among the multiple alternatives to face such problem (e.g. reuse, treatment and recycling of water), the direct implementation of reclaimed wastewater has not been considered so far. However, the characteristics of reclaimed wastewater make it a promising strategy to mitigate groundwater use of gold mining without decreasing the efficiency of the process. Hence, this review focus on the potential effects that several compounds contained in reclaimed wastewater could have on the heap leaching process.