Decomposition Kinetics of Argentian Lead Jarosite in NaOH Media

Francisco Patiño, Iván A. Reyes, Isauro Rivera, Martín Reyes and Juan Hernández
J. Mex. Chem. Soc, 55, 197-202., 2011.


Argentian lead jarosite was obtained with the maximal dissolution mtechnique, and it was thoroughly characterized. In this work we studied the decomposition kinetics and cyanidation of the argentian lead jarosite in NaOH media. The reaction order and activation energy for the alkaline decomposition are of n = 0.7 and Ea = 101.85 KJmol-1, and of n = 0 and Ea = 109.54 KJmol-1 for the cyanidation process. The global cyanidation process consists of two stages: decomposition reaction followed by the instant cyanidation of the decomposition products.