Stability Analysis Based on Bifurcation Theory of the DSTATCOM Operating in Current Control Mode

Segundo-Ramírez J., Medina A., Ghosh A., Ledwich G.
EEE Transaction on Power Delivery, vol. 24, no. 3 (July 2009): 1670-1678. Impact Factor: 1.289., 2009.


This paper presents the stability analysis for a distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) that operates in current control mode based on bifurcation theory. Bifurcations delimit the operating zones of nonlinear circuits and, hence, the capability to compute these bifurcations is of important interest for practical design. A control design for the DSTATCOM is proposed. Along with this control, a suitable mathematical representation of the DSTATCOM is proposed to carry out the bifurcation analysis efficiently. The stability regions in the Thevenin equivalent plane are computed for different power factors at the point of common coupling. In addition, the stability regions in the control gain space, as well as the contour lines for different Floquet multipliers are computed. It is demonstrated through bifurcation analysis that the loss of stability in the DSTATCOM is due to the emergence of a Neimark bifurcation. The observations are verified through simulation studies.