Non-linear Oscillations Assessment of the DSTATCOM Operating in Voltage Control Mode

Segundo-Ramírez J., Medina A., Ghosh A., Ledwich G.
Electric Power Components and Systems, vol. 38, no. 12 (Sep 2010) . Impact Factor: 0.376., 2010.


This article deals with the non-linear oscillations assessment of a distri- bution static compensator operating in voltage control mode using the bifurcation theory. A mathematical model of the distribution static compensator in the voltage control mode to carry out the bifurcation analysis is derived. The stability regions in the Thevenin equivalent plane are computed. In addition, the stability regions in the control gains space, as well as the contour lines for different Floquet multipliers are computed. The AC and DC capacitor impacts on the stability are analyzed through the bifurcation theory. The observations are verified through simulation studies. The computation of the stability region allows the assessment of the stable operating zones for a power system that includes a distribution static compensator operating in the voltage mode.