Service-Oriented Architecture for Prevention of Nosocomial Infections

Martínez-Hernández, Claudia A. , Pérez-González, Héctor G., Martínez-Pérez, Francisco E., Pérez-González, Luis F., Cuevas Tello, Juan C., Mora, M.
4th International Symposium on BIO- AND MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND CYBERNETICS: BMIC 2010, Orlando, FL USA, 1(4)138-141., 2010.


Information technologies have proliferated in different sectors of society, allowing development of applications that have managed to facilitate their activities. Health is a sector that has incorporated the information technologies and has managed to automate processes. This work presents the implementation of the monitoring of hand washing and analysis of patients in a hospital neonatology area. This is done through use of sensors, cameras and devices that provide input data. Its development is based on services-oriented architecture and its implementation has the objective of preventing nosocomial infections in hospitals.