Multiobjective-optimisation in time series: Time delay agreement

Cuevas-Tello, J.C., Perez-Gonzalez, H.G.
In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI- 2011), Number 1, Vol. II, p.p. 439-443. CSREAPress., 2011.


Several time delay estimates have been reported for the quasar Q0957+561. They come from distinct data sets and published separately.This paper presents a methodology to estimate a single time delay given several data sets by using multi-objective optimisation. We use General Regression Neural Networks (GRNN) to estimate the time delay, which is one of the most accurate time delay estimators -- and faster. For the time delay agreement, we use hill-climbing search. We found that the best agreement for the time delay on Q0957+561 is 420 days.