A Methodology for Obtaining Universal Software Code Metrics

Núñez-Varela A., Perez-Gonzalez, H.G., Cuevas-Tello,J.C., Soubervielle-Montalvo, C.
The 2013 Iberoamerican Conference on Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Procedia Technology Elsevier (7) 336-343., 2013.


The development of quality software is a basic requirement that must be observed. Measuring software is a tool that allows the development of quality software for its entire life cycle. For software measurement, software metrics are used, among other techniques, which allow us to obtain a numerical value from a software product. There are two problems with these measurements: a value obtained can have different meanings depending on the project and what is desired as a result from the measurement, and the other problem is that the number and type of measurements is limited by the capabilities of the used tool. This paper presents a promising solution to the problem above by presenting a technique with which users can obtain any desired metrics and apply them to code in any programming language.