A comprehensive modeling of a three-phase voltage source pwm converter

Juan Segundo-Ramírez, Rafael Peña-Gallardo, Aurelio Medina-Ríos, Ciro Núñez-Gutiérrez, Nancy Visairo-Cruz
Mathematical Problems in Engineering. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Volume 2015, Article ID 426245. 11 pages. ISSN 1024-123X. Factor de impacto: 0.762. Digital Object Identifier: , 2015.


This contribution reports the development of a time domain model of a three-phase voltage source converter (VSC) that can be used in the transient and steady state analysis of nonlinear power systems including their associated closed-loop control schemes. With this proposed model, the original discontinuous nonlinear power system can be transformed into a continuous system, while keeping the underlying harmonic nature of the VSC and avoiding typical and undesirable numerical problems associated with the large derivatives during the switching transitions. The development of this model was based on the dynamic Fourier series of the switching functions under a sinusoidal PWM modulation scheme, which require the calculation of the switching instants at each integration step; the switching instants and the dynamic Fourier series coefficients are calculated by explicit mathematical formulas. The proposed model of the VSC is suitable for the fast computation of the periodic steady state solution through the application of Newton method. Simulations were carried out in order to illustrate the benefits of the proposed VSC model.