A novel algorithm for voltage transient detection and isolation for power quality monitoring.

Roberto Moreno, Nancy Visairo, Ciro Núñez, Elías Rodríguez.
Electric Power Systems Research, Elsevier. Volume 114, September 2014. ISSN 0378-7796. pp. 110-117. Factor de impacto: 1.595. Digital Object Identifier:, 2014.


Usually the measurement instruments dedicated to power quality assessment contain a transient detec- tion stage that is activated only when it is necessary. However, it is common that such stage does not have the same sampling time than the stage devoted to measurements in steady state such as power factor, harmonic content or RMS values. In this paper, the authors describe a simple algorithm that can detect and isolate notches and impulsive transients from other voltage disturbances with the same sampling time used for measurements in steady state. The merit of this approach is that, if the proposed algorithm is set up in a power quality analyzer (PQA), this device will be able to record all kind of disturbances, the steady state ones using the classical algorithms programmed in the PQA and the transient ones by the approach addressed in this paper, the same sampling time considered for all of them, without substantial increase of the computational effort. The method was implemented in a prototype, and laboratory and industry results are shown. Addi- tionally, operative limitations of the method are discussed.